Cheat Codes To Crack Cheat Meals

Cheat Codes To Crack Cheat Meals

C for celebrations, chocolates, cakes, cheeseburgers Mmmmm..... And C for cheat meals! The day is finally here. You’ve been good all week - you’ve worked out, you’ve eaten healthy, you’ve even drank water without an app needing to remind you... and now it’s time to reward yourself.

Don’t worry - “cheating” on your diet once in a while is not just okay, it’s recommended. It mixes things up, keeps you motivated, and importantly - signals to your body that you’re not facing a food shortage. A cheat meal now and then convinces the brain that things are just fine, please snap out of starvation mode thanks. 

That being said, a cheat meal should not be an excuse to hog and undo all those burpees. So here are a few friendly tips from Team fit & flex.


1. Pick a day, and plan it in advance. Try to be regular about it - around once a week, but hey this is your treat, so be flexible about when it is. It might be best to schedule it on a weekend (TGIF!), special occasions (Happy birthday to me!) or celebrations (Merry Christmas where’s my present?).


This tastes much sweeter when you’ve earned it
2. Don’t starve yourself before the much anticipated meal. If you do, you’re more likely to go overboard during your cheat meal. So eat a little something first, sort of like a warm-up. A good trick we found was to make this snack protein-rich, so you can save up all the carbs and fats of the day for your precious cheat meal. A good option for this snack is a oats smoothie - With around 6g of protein in one serving, it’s a good way to prime yourself for the meal to come, and it’s delicious on its own. The day is already looking good.
Can you believe this is actually healthy for you?
3. Plan the meal. This is true whether cooking or ordering. If you’d planned on eating one pizza and a starter, don’t order more on impulse. Yes, cheat meals are for treating yourself, but eating too much will undo all the good. And then you’ll sit on the couch regretting those extra 3 slices.
That’s right. Small portions. Don’t overdo it!
4. Keep drinking water throughout the meal. This will keep you hydrated and ensure you don’t overdo it with the food (a la point 3).
5. It’s about the little treats! And now, your cheat meal is done and you need to wait for some time to have another one. But don’t punish yourself - they say that giving yourself a small treat everyday will help you stick to your meal plan without overindulging. So if you have a consistent sweet tooth, these sweet bites are a healthy way to get that dessert fix. Doesn’t hurt that they’re both delicious, of course.
Congratulations - on a cheat meal well done, and well earned. Now it’s back to the rest of the week and here’s our reminder to eat in moderation, not overdo it with either the indulging or the restrictions, and eat every meal while being mindful and Fit.

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