10 Easy Exercises To Do At Home

10 Easy Exercises To Do At Home

In the times of lockdown, everybody is looking for things they can do indoors. What we have to understand is we have to keep ourselves occupied to keep our minds and bodies stimulated. With the current information we have about COVID and vaccines and cures being a distant reality, the best we can do is keep ourselves physically and mentally fit to boost our immunity.

Today, we are going to address a few things that you can very easily do at home and keep yourselves fit and healthy. Fitness rests on a tripod of exercise, nutrition and rest. Let’s ensure that we take care of all these factors. With Fit & Flex granola, you can rest assured that the nutrition aspect of fitness is taken care of. Now below is a list of 10 easy exercises you can do at home for close to comprehensive fitness. The best part about these exercises is that you can modify almost all of them to suit your body perfectly.

So here goes:

Neck Rotation – A good starting point to get in the groove. Avoid closing your eyes while doing these neck rotations. 20 reps are quite easy to do and do so for all movements.

Jumping Jacks – This is a great full body exercise. This is a good cardio exercise to warm-up with. This exercise targets your legs and shoulders. Ensure that you wear decent spot shoes while doing these to take care of your knee joints.

Push ups – A great exercise that target your chest, shoulders and triceps; (Pushing complex of the body). There are many variations of these exercise that you can try out. If you find these difficult to do in the beginning, start off by resting your knees or doing them against a wall. As days go by you’ll be able to do the regular version.

Sit ups – The age old exercise for the biggest problem area. Sit ups are great for your abdomen and core strength. Again this exercise too has a lot of variations. Try all of them out.

Plank – They say that if you think 30 seconds is a short amount of time, you’ve never done the plank. This too is a great exercise for your abs and core strength. How long can you hold the pose?

Squats – One of the most efficient exercises you can do, this exercise targets your thighs (quadriceps). Strengthen your legs and core with squats and make your base stronger.

Lunges – Another great way to strengthen your legs and core. You’ll he there one step at a time!

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Surya Namaskar – A great sun salutation practise in Yoga, this is a brilliant exercise for you. It strengthens your whole body and works wonders for your flexibility. The best time to do these are early under the warm morning sunlight.

Biceps Curls – If you have a few dumbbells at home, this exercise is as easy as it gets. Otherwise, you can use buckets filled with water as an easy home alternative.

Cardio – This is also a very important aspect of fitness. If you have a treadmill or static cycle at home, do those for 30-45 minutes at least. Try skipping rope jumps with shoes if you don’t. These can be done without the rope was well! Or try climbing up the stairs of your building. All good options for taking care of you heart and lungs.

Try all these and don’t forget your daily dose of proteins and essential nutrition with Fit & Flex Granola. Also ensure that you sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day to ensure good rest. Do all these together and you’ll start seeing results in no time!

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