Why is Granola Healthy for You? Let’s Bust Some Myths

Granola is great for you

We’ve all grown up with the notion that breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. “Don’t skip your breakfast”, mother always said, and for good reason! Breakfast replenishes our bodies with glucose, induces better memory and concentration, and also boosts energy levels, vital for our body to function optimally each day.

So, what exactly does one eat for breakfast? Stay away from excessively sweet (and fried) food, we’d say! Try to get your sugars from fruits – one of the best sources of natural sugar. A wholesome bowl of granola can be a great start to the day too!

But, not all varieties of granola provide the required amount of nourishment your body probably needs. Some store-bought granola may contain ingredients that can do more harm than good to your body. Which is why it is necessary to understand what’s in your pack of granola and to debunk some common myths.

1. High sugar low fibre: While a lot of store-bought granola does indeed contain sugar, it does not mean you do not get to choose the right type. When you choose Fit & Flex Granola, you get a bag full of baked granola that contains pieces of real fruit, seeds and nuts. And, everyone knows that fruits are a natural source of sugars and vitamins too! So, go right ahead and pour yourself of a bowl of guilt-free granola.

2. Granola contains starch: Toasted granola does have the possibility of containing traces of starch from the oats, owing to the fact that the oats remain relatively raw. This, however, is not a problem in the case of baked granola. Fit & Flex Granola is baked and not dried or tasted, which means the rolled oats get completely cooked, are softer in texture and fuller in flavour than most other granola cereals.

3. The fruits are not fresh: This is a common misconception, owing to the presence of dried fruit in their bags of granola. But if you choose your bag of granola well in the supermarket, you can treat yourself to some fresh fruit delight as well! Fresh berries, pieces of mango and coconut and assorted fruits are just some of the options you can choose from, for a healthy breakfast.

4. Granola can ruin my appetite: Quite the contrary! Granola indeed contributes to a feeling of fullness. But, this fullness is induced by the proteins that are present in the granola – seeds and nuts, to be precise. These seeds and nuts increase digestion time since they slow down the emptying of your stomach, which in turn makes you feel full. That means, it keeps you away from binging or from untimely eating habits that can otherwise be bad for you.

5. Granola is just a breakfast cereal: Technically yes, granola is a healthy breakfast. But, it’s also incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it with your milk or with yoghurt or as a healthy snack, anytime during the day when you feel hungry. It’s convenient to sneak a small pouch of granola into your bag so that you can munch on it when hunger suddenly strikes. Then there are granola bars and smoothies you can try making as well! And if it’s a bag of Fit & Flex Granola that you choose, you’ve got an absolute winner!

All in all, granola is quite the healthy food; it’s not just good for you but tastes great too. And if you want them crunchy and well-done, fibrous and less sweet, then simply reach out for a bag of Fit & Flex Granola!

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