Muesli vs. Granola

Why Granola is better than Muesli

Nowadays, with cereals being one of the most popular and convenient breakfast options, it’s about time we get to know some basic facts and how Fit & Flex granola is the best option for you.
We all have heard about muesli and granola but do we know the differences and similarities? Here’s all you need to know about it! Go through and make a wise choice; health-wise, taste-wise and crunch-wise!

Granola dates back roughly 150 years and was initially called ‘Granula’. It became more popular in the 1960’s and was later known to us as granola. Muesli was known to be made roughly around 1900 and is slightly more popular in Europe and Australia. It started off as food for hospitalized patients as it is healthy and convenient but now it is popular everywhere and with everybody.

So what exactly are the similarities and differences between Granola and Muesli? Essentially, both are made with rolled oats. Both are healthy breakfast/snack options that are loaded with nutrients. They have proteins, good fats and carbohydrates that provide wholesome nutrition for you.

The fundamental difference is that Granola is baked and muesli isn’t. So granola often contains oil or sweeteners to bind the oats together while muesli is somewhat looser. So while muesli is uncooked and granola is baked, that doesn’t necessarily mean that muesli is healthier. Many muesli and granola brands have added sugars and oils. However, Fit & Flex granola is your best bet. Fit & Flex Granola has no artificial sugars, so wholesome, crunchy taste is all you get! Fit & Flex Granola has iron and vitamins A & C which boost your immunity, natural sugars to keep your energy pumped and fibre which is great for digestion. Not to mention, Fit & Flex granola is naturally cholesterol free which keeps your heart healthy and happy!

Apart from being a healthy breakfast cereal and an amazing snack option, granola gives you great flexibility to try out amazing new granola recipes! You can make delicious granola parfaits, bars, and many more desserts which have very less calories and are so delicious! Apart from just having it with milk, you can have it with yoghurt, add some chocolate chips or just munch on Fit & Flex granola as a snack. There are so may Granola recipes that you’ll find online that can be made in minutes and are absolutely drool worthy!

Fit & Flex granola is baked from 360 degrees, with proprietary European technology to make it extra crispy. We have 3 amazing flavours; Happy Berries, Mango Coconut and Mixed Fruit, that you can mix and match with various things and make cool recipes! So Fit & Flex granola is not just healthy food, it’s healthy and tasty food! So all in all we would say that Fit & Flex Granola is the best choice for you, as a breakfast cereal, as an anytime snack or as an amazing self made recipe!

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