I'm Berry Happy!

Crunchy Berry Granola

Why our happy berries flavour is great for you!

Fit & Flex granola is the crunchiest breakfast cereal in town and everybody is loving it! With our amazing flavours and awesome crunch, Fit & Flex granola is the talk of the town! Out of our three delicious flavours; Mango Coconut, Mixed Fruit & Happy Berries, which is your favourite? Today, we’re telling you more about our Happy Berries flavour. Stay tuned to this page for details about our other flavours in the upcoming blogs.

Say Hola to Fit & Flex Granola! Our crunchiest breakfast cereal is a great tasting feast but do you know the nutritious punch it packs? Fit & Flex takes great pride in creating amazing granola flavours for you to enjoy! Berries make you think of cool hill stations and strawberry and mulberry farms. Well, Fit & Flex brings you the taste and goodness of berries, right to your doorstep! Here’s all you need to know about our Happy Berries flavour.

Apart from tasting great, berries have a multitude of health benefits for you. So it was an easy choice for the perfect granola flavour. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and fibre which are great for your constitution. Fit & Flex uses real freeze dried fruits/berries which retains their goodness and optimizes nutrition for you.

Berries are also known to be of great help against inflammation, are known to reduce cholesterol levels and also to be great for your skin. Fit & Flex Happy Berries flavour is full of vitamins and iron which at as great immunity boosters. In the current Covid-19 pandemic they are your best bet to keep your immunity on point to fight all infections. Apart from these amazing benefits, berries are also known to have helped in even more serious conditions. Berries are also known to improve your Blood Sugar Level (BSL) and your body’s insulin response. They also keep your arteries healthy and are also known to protect against cancer.

Fit & Flex granola is baked with proprietary European technology which provides 360 degrees baking for the perfect crunch. And with this delightful berry crunch, Happy Berries proves to be an extremely versatile flavour with which you can make so many delicious recipes. Apart from relishing it as a usual breakfast cereal, you can make soothing and delicious parfaits with it. You can also gorge on crunchy granola bars which are also very easy to make with Fit & Flex. Munching on it by adding it some yoghurt is also a great hunger buster. Have you tried all Fit & Flex granola flavours yet? Well you all know about our Happy Berries flavour and how it packs the perfect punch of taste, crunch and nutrition for you. Keep checking our blogs to know more about our other amazing flavours too and let us know which one do you like the most and why.

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